4 Exciting Electrical Jobs You Can Get Today

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4 Exciting Electrical Jobs You Can Get Today

4 October 2021
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Many people mistakenly think an electrician's only job is to spend the day grappling with dangerous live wires. The primary role of an electrician is to design, install, and maintain electrical systems. But a trained electrician has many open opportunities in other roles where electrical knowledge is relevant. Electrical jobs are in almost every sector of the economy, and there are hundreds of roles an electrician can play. What are some non-typical electrical jobs you can do after an electrician's course?

Electrical Sales and Marketing

Electrical tools, equipment, and appliances are always in high demand in construction, manufacturing, and industry. For example, the building industry always has a high demand for electrical cables, circuit breakers, sockets, and other components of electrical circuits in buildings.

You can do sales and marketing for any of the brands that make these items. These brands are always open to people who can explain the benefits of their merchandise to potential clients. A sales and marketing role is ideal if you love meeting and connecting with new people.


Consultant electrical engineering firms design electrical circuits for any application that needs electrical power from hospitals to colleges. They also help businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations improve their operations. For example, if the government expands a research facility, they need an electrical consultant to design the expanded circuit.

Skilled electricians are useful in these electrical contractor jobs because they need different views and input on various tasks. You get to apply your mind to develop solutions for your clients. You also work with some of the sharpest minds in the industry.


Teaching is a great job if you love showing people how things work. You must have a good grasp of the theories of electricity and power and a gift for giving instructions to become a good teacher. But teaching is a great opportunity to enrich and share your knowledge.

You can take up teaching electrical jobs at different vocational colleges with a greater emphasis on practical studies. You will enjoy seeing your students get out into the world and become successful electricians.


Do you feel your business acumen is better to put to use with a business of your own? Opening an electrical supply shop would be a good way to use your electrician training to make money. As an electrician, you will have an eye for products that have growth potential. The good thing about entrepreneurship is independence. It is one of the electrical jobs where you are your own boss.

Would you like to get into the exciting world of designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems? Talk to someone at an education facility, such as Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association, about enrolling in an electrician course.