Understanding Pest Control Recertification Classes

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Understanding Pest Control Recertification Classes

28 November 2022
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Are you an exterminator and need to recertify? If so, you might wonder what a pest control recertification class entails. Here's what you need to know about the importance of recertifying and an overview of what a pest control recertification class looks like.

What Is Pest Control Recertification?

All exterminators must take a pest control recertification course to maintain their license. The courses vary depending on the state or region but generally focus on laws, safety, and best practices for controlling certain pests. The courses also include information on properly using and applying specific pesticides. 

The goal of these courses is to ensure that exterminators are up-to-date on the most recent laws, regulations, and techniques when it comes to pest control. It also helps them stay informed about new developments or industry changes to serve their clients better.  

Why Is Recertifying Important?

Recertifying is important because it keeps exterminators up-to-date on all the latest technology, safety protocols, and regulations in the pest control industry. It also allows exterminators to stay knowledgeable about the most effective methods for eliminating pests in both residential and commercial settings. Without proper recertification, exterminators risk engaging in unsafe practices, possibly risking the health of themselves and others in the process.

Who Pays for Pest Control Recertification Classes?

The cost of pest control recertification classes varies, depending on the course length and the provider. Generally, you will be responsible for the cost of any classes you take. However, you may be able to ask your employer for reimbursement if certification is a condition of your employment.

What Happens During Pest Control Recertification Classes?

Pest control recertification classes are typically held over a few days and include lectures and hands-on activities. The lectures cover topics such as new safety protocols, emerging trends in pest management, and how to use new technologies in the field. Exterminators will also participate in demonstrations where they can practice various techniques for controlling pests and applying pesticides. After completing the coursework and passing any required examinations, participants will receive their recertification certificates.

Additionally, many states require a written test, a practical exam, or both as part of their recertification process. Once all requirements are met, exterminators can apply for state license renewal.

Pest control is an important job that requires thorough training and continuous education to ensure quality service delivery. A pest control recertification course helps exterminators know how to provide safe and effective solutions for their customers.