Virtual Real Estate Continuing Education: Laws, Ethics, And Trends

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Virtual Real Estate Continuing Education: Laws, Ethics, And Trends

29 December 2020
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The real estate industry is constantly changing. Whether you're looking for Virtual Real Estate CE courses to maintain your license or you're looking to gain insights from industry trend setters, finding quality instruction can be difficult and time consuming.

Here are some of the topics and certifications offered by Virtual Real Estate CE course providers.

Short Sales and Foreclosures

As the real estate market continues to evolve, short sales and foreclosures continue to be at the forefront of real estate investments.

  • Securing the Deal: helping clients secure short sales and foreclosures can help you command huge commissions. Virtual Real Estate CE courses in short sales can teach you how to prepare an offer and finalize a deal quickly. This can mean negotiating with banks and creating contracts for sellers looking to sell a property for less than the money they might owe. Virtual Real Estate CE course providers can help you earn short sales and foreclosure (SFR) certification, which gives you the legal power to work directly with banks and lenders.
  • Listing a Short: attracting the right investor in short sale situations is crucial. For instance, if you're looking for a cash investor, creating a listing that draws the attention of investment groups can help you move a property quickly. Real Estate CE course providers can teach you how to create listing for short sales that target specific investors. They can also teach you what listing providers are best suited for different types of short sales.

Investment Groups and Short Term Rentals

The internet continues to change investment strategies and short term rental opportunities.

  • Multi-Unit Holdings: working with real estate investment groups that focus on multi-unit acquisitions can be lucrative. In addition to securing a property, you will also need to consider what do with the current tenants and the employees that maintain the property. Getting a multifamily certification can empower you to make deals on behalf of investment groups and give you the skills you need to manage properties. Virtual Real Estate CE course providers often hire seasoned professional who have successfully managed multifamily properties for decades. Connecting with these working professionals can also help you network with the top investment groups.
  • Short Term Rentals: many investors are converting single-family homes into short term rental properties. Real Estate CE courses can teach you how to manage, list, and improve short term rental properties to maximize value and earning potential.