Should You Attend A Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Training Program?

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Should You Attend A Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Training Program?

15 July 2020
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If you have recently gotten a degree in psychology or a related field, you may be wondering what steps to take next. You could go out into the job market and find an entry level job in the field or you could go back to school and continue your education. One of the options available to you is a postgraduate psychoanalytic training program. But, you may be wondering whether or not this is the right choice for you and your career aspirations and needs. Get to know some of the facts about post graduate psychoanalytic training programs. Then, you can best decide if this is an option best suited to you and your career future. 

There Are Clinical and Academic Programs

One of the biggest takeaways you should understand about postgraduate psychoanalysis training programs is that there are both clinical and academic training programs for you to choose from depending on where you want your career to go. If you plan to work in a clinical setting, seeing patients and providing psychotherapy and counseling, then a clinical training program is best for you. 

Instead, if you would like to be in an academic environment, teaching and doing research, an academic program is the right choice. These options take different approaches to learning psychoanalytic tools and can help you grow and thrive in your chosen field of psychology. 

You Will Learn Psychoanalytic Theories and Therapies More In-Depth

In your original degree program, there was a great deal to learn in a relatively short period of time. Because of this, your coursework or sections in psychoanalytic theories and treatments may have been fairly basic and rudimentary. You may know the general facts about these theories and therapies, but not the important details. 

In a postgraduate psychoanalytic training program, you will get the opportunity to go more in-depth with these therapies and theories. You will learn ways to apply them to patients and to your practice so that you can provide the best possible care. If you go the academic route, you can also apply the therapies and theories into your research and work with research participants. 

You Will Have Training that Sets You Apart from the Crowd

Not every clinical psychologist or research psychologist has expertise in psychoanalytics and the unconscious mind. By pursuing a postgraduate psychoanalytic training program, you will get training and expertise that will set you apart from the crowd.

You may have patients that come to you specifically for your psychoanalytic therapies, for example. Patients may also just be generally intrigued by this extra credential and may choose you over another psychologist because of that fact alone. 

Knowing these facts about postgraduate psychoanalytic training programs, you can get your application in to a nearby program as soon as possible.