Preschool Programs For Toddlers

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Preschool Programs For Toddlers

15 April 2020
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Preschool is an incredible way to prepare your child for kindergarten. There they will likely learn letters and numbers, and have fun with their peers. Preschool is a wonderful way to get your child learning while they socialize and enjoy themselves. However, most preschools do not allow children younger than three, children who do not communicate well, or children who are not potty trained to attend. Fortunately, there is a way to start your child in preschool even if they are not quite ready to leave you: preschool programs for toddlers are available. These programs may come in a variety of ways, all with their own pros and cons. 

Online Classes

Many preschool programs are now offering online classes. And let's face it: children are incredible at using technology. From ordering unwanted movies on your TV to figuring out how to watch their favorite Youtube videos, kids know how to figure things out. This is exactly why online classes before going to preschool are perfect for young children. You may be thinking "Oh, my child is way too young for that," but you would be mistaken. Once a child is over 18 months, screen time can actually help with their development, providing them an excellent way to learn colors and shapes and practice their numbers. 

Printable Media

In addition to online classes, a preschool near you may offer printable pages on which your child can color, trace patterns, and enjoy craft projects. These hands-on pages allow children to practice their fine motor skills such as holding a crayon, using their hands and eyes together, and practicing the use of their fingers. Some parents struggle with what types of things are age-appropriate for their little ones. These toddler preschool programs are skilled at giving parents materials that will not be too challenging or too easy for their child's growing mind. An added benefit of printable media is the parent-child interactions that are built into the system. Parents will be able to help their children learn in a way that they may never have before. 

Videos and Games

In addition to online lessons and printed materials, many preschool programs offer interactive videos that can get your child thinking in fun ways. Education videos are wonderful for helping children to learn.

A preschool program for toddlers could greatly improve their literacy, along with gross and fine motor skills. Being a proactive parent and ordering an at-home preschool curriculum could greatly improve your child's academic future.